PTFE Virgin Roll - 14" x 60'


  • PTFE Virgin Roll - 14" x 60'
  • PTFE Virgin Roll - 14" x 60'

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Terp Proof™ Rolls/Currently OUT OF STOCK!

Terp Proof™ Rolls are the premiere solution for safe extract production. Food grade botanical extracts with high terpene content are on the rise and terpenes are solvents that can eat through many common thermoplastics used in food grade applications. Terp Proof™ is made from a fluoroelastomer called PTFE that is resistant to most strong acids and bases. Silicone can be dissolved by terpenes and other solvents found in plant extracts. Turpentine, for example is a common terpene used as a silicone remover! Terp Proof™ Rolls are made from the same PTFE plastic commonly used for implants used in the human body. PTFE is extremely chemically inert and solvent resistant, ensuring virtually no contamination can occur. Terp Proof™ Rolls have fiberglass reinforcement to maximize tensile strength and heat transfer.


Terp Proof™ Rolls are perfect for your custom extraction needs.  Terp Proof™ rolls are easily trimmed to allow custom shapes and sizes. Make your own Terp Proof™ container with 4 clips and a roll of Terp Proof™. 

Use it in any lab to cover a heating surface and prevent it from becoming dirty. Cover reaction chambers in Terp Proof™ to prevent product loss that might change your yield.  

Upgrade your laboratory production today!