PTFE - 4" x 4" Squares

Terp Proof


  • PTFE - 4" x 4" Squares
  • PTFE - 4" x 4" Squares
  • PTFE - 4" x 4" Squares
  • PTFE - 4" x 4" Squares

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Terp Proof™ Squares

Have you ever had botanical extract so smelly and tasty that it bled right through the packaging? Terp Proof™ Squares create a new era in extract packaging. Terpenes are strong solvents which can dissolve silicone and bleed right through the “nonstick” layer on parchment paper. Terp Proof™ Squares are made from PTFE, a material resistant to most strong solvents that also happens to be one of the most nonstick surfaces known to man. In fact, it's so slippery that bacteria and other infectious agents have trouble sticking to its surface! With Terp Proof™ Squares virtually all of the extract can be removed and used, leaving almost no residual waste.

Terp Proof™ Squares provide safer lossless extract containment™. With the rise of terpene rich extracts, a solution is necessary to prevent terpene loss and contamination. Terpenes are highly polar solvents which degrade the silicone “nonstick” coating on parchment paper. In fact silicone remover is often a mixture of two common terpenes, turpentine and d-limonene. Terp Proof™ lossless extract packaging is made from the fluoroelastomer PTFE, a substance so chemically inert it is commonly used in medical devices implanted in the human body. Each Terp Proof™ square is made from food grade PTFE to ensure no product contamination can occur.  PTFE is used in laboratories all around the world because of its extreme resistance to strong acids, bases and solvents. This chemical resistance prevents terpenes from bleeding through your packaging, allowing more of them to be preserved. PTFE is rated up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit with a high tensile strength, making it durable and hard to break even at high temperatures. Terp Proof™ Squares Virgin PTFE allows light to penetrate the packaging, making the extract appear lighter so you can see the contents of the Terp Proof™ packaging before you buy it.

Each Terp Proof™ Square comes pre-cut in a 4” by 4” square to make packaging quick and efficient.

Set yourself apart with Terp Proof™ Squares. Get yours today!

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