PTFE Virgin Oven Sheets


  • PTFE Virgin Oven Sheets
  • PTFE Virgin Oven Sheets
  • PTFE Virgin Oven Sheets
  • PTFE Virgin Oven Sheets

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Terp Proof™ Oven Sheets/Currently OUT OF STOCK

Terp Proof™ Oven Sheets take baking to new heights.  Made from the highest quality materials, nothing sticks to these oven sheets. Terp Proof™ Oven Sheets are designed for the laboratory and are extremely resistant to strong acids, bases and solvents. Terp Proof™ lossless extract packaging is made from the fluoroelastomer PTFE, a substance so chemically inert it is commonly used in medical devices implanted in the human body. It can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit which, combined with its outstanding solvent resistance, makes PTFE perfect for anything from baking laboratory experiments to full scale production. Terp Proof™ Oven Sheets come fiberglass reinforced, providing maximum tensile strength and efficient heat transfer. Each oven sheet comes pre-sized for different BHOGART vacuum ovens, making them ideal for vacuum purging extract. Get yours today!

Terp Proof™ Oven Sheets are the new standard in vacuum purging technology. Designed to replace silicone parchment paper these sheets come pre-cut in different BHOGART vacuum oven sizes. With the rise of botanical extracts high in terpene content, a replacement tor parchment paper solution is required. Terpenes are highly polar solvents which can dissolve the nonstick silicone coating on parchment paper. Terp Proof™ Oven Sheets are made from a high quality fluoroelastomer called PTFE that is known for its extreme chemical inertness.  It is extremely resistant to strong acids, bases and solvents and can be used directly with butane, acetone and many other solvents. Each Terp Proof™ Oven Sheet is fiberglass reinforced for efficient heat transfer, tensile strength, and durability.

Terp Proof™ Oven Sheets can be reuse and recycled by cleaning them with solvents like isopropyl alcohol and baking them in the oven. Terp Proof™ Oven Sheets can withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, making them perfect for most baking applications. Terp Proof™ Oven Sheets are so nonstick even geckos can’t even stick to their surface, ensuring you get all your product off the sheet.

Bake cookies...and get them all off cleanly.

Pour slabs of butane extract and purge them in a vacuum oven.

Make apple strudel.

The options are endless with this reusable parchment paper replacement. Get your today!

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