FEP - 4" x 4" - Clear Squares


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Terp Proof® Clear Squares™

The same Terp Proof® packaging squares you have come to love, BUT CLEAR!


Have you ever seen an extract discolor a silicone container?

Terpenes, the same chemical compounds which give plants and their extracts smell are also highly reactive solvents. Some terpenes like D-Limonene are used as industrial cleaning solvent and even silicone remover! As more extract producers turn to making terpene rich extracts, Terp Proof®  made Virgin Squares which are solvent proof. Now the next evolution is around the corner!  Clear Squares™ are an advanced fluoropolymer FEP commonly used in the medical industry. FEP is made out of PTFE and another fluorinated polymer giving it excellent chemical resistance. FEP is softer and easier to fold than PTFE making it perfect for large scale packaging. Clear Squares™ are UV resistant and optically clear allowing a perfect view of what is inside. All Terp proof® packaging is always made from the highest quality Fluoroelastomers and meet FDA guidelines for food contact surfaces. Terp Proof® packaging is safe and 100% contamination free.

As always All Terp Proof products are 100% silicone free.
Order NOW while supplies last and make sure you're the first to get CLEAR Squares!

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